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January 31, 2011 / julibou

Share Wami Product Launch

Barcelona – 31 January 2011 – Bean Logic announces the launch of the second product of their Where Product’s Suite.

Today, Bean Logic has announced the first release of their Share Wami product is available in the market.

Share Wami is a mobile phone application that combines phone localization and social networking.
The product permits share your mobile phone location in social networks as , Tweeter, mails, MSM ,… so it can be shared with your friends.

Share Wami combines different apps. technologies as Mobile phone apps., and Google Maps® in an efficient way, so it has a friendly user interface that permit an easy use.

Share Wami is currently available for Android® Platform, but in following days will be also available for Blackberry®, iPhone® and Windows7®.

“The great success of the Where AMI launch, reinforce us to continue our commitment in mobile software development”, said Juli Bou, Bean Logic CEO. “So, with this new product, Share Wami, we open the product use to attract more users”

The Bean Logic future product plans also include launching a new product WhereRU in the first quarter of 2011, this product will help people to locate and follow up other familiars, friends or connected people.


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